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A cooperative, interactive, and non-confrontational communication card game that elevates workplace collaboration and cooperation.

Within this three hour team building workshop participants learn about individual communication styles and collectively identify current communication blockers
that impair individual and group productivity. Following discovery the group collaborates to identify resolutions that will immediately elevate workplace dialog.

Participants experience immediate appreciation and tolerance of differing communication styles. Participants are engaged and committed to communicate more purposefully. Individual harmony, job satisfaction, and greater cooperation result in significantly improved performance, productivity and profit. WordsWork can be used many times with the same group to resolve communication blockers.

Who is WordsWork For?

  1. Intra-team: Any group of employees who communicate daily.
  2. Inter-team: Any employee teams that coordinate or collaborate.
  3. Manager/Supervisor: Opportunity to identify and resolve communication barriers with reporting staff.

How personal is the WordsWork exercise?
Each participant receives their individual on-line WordsWork Communicator instrument to identify how they personally send and receive communication. The entire group receives a team map positioning all of the team member’s styles. This instruction provides the key to better understanding how fellow employees communicate.

Participants experience a “non-invasive” discovery about themselves and fellow workers. Greater tolerance of other workers and more effective communication with non-similar styles results in group harmony, greater team alignment and performance. Through their collaborative dialog, work groups experience the effective removal of frustrating communication blockers.

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