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  Training & Development
An opportunity to provide “on the run” training and development
that elevates individual and workgroup performance.

Regardless of company size, today’s fast changing business world requires continuous learning on the part of all employees. EmPerform customizes employee and management training to improve team interaction, decision making, and leadership development, with a process that aligns company culture and business goals.

Programs are designed to transition employees from the novelty of new learning and discovery to disciplines that will produce sustainable performance throughout employment. Training programs involve initial assessment of needs and measurement of how progress meets specific goals.

Sampling of recent training and development activities

  1. First six-month custom “behavior” coaching for new hires.
  2. WordsWork- a team building communication game.
  3. The right way to lead meetings.
  4. How to conduct an annual review.
  5. Turning an employee around.
  6. The HR Strategy.
  7. CEO/Executive Coaching.
  8. Management / Supervisor Assessment & Training
    - leadingcyour team to greater prformance

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