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  Keynote Presentations
Presentations to business professionals who desire
“take back to the office” content for implementation into their management practices or inclusion into personal work habits.

Impactful Keynote Speaking demands current best practice information that can be delivered with pace, humor, and authority. Content is presented in a format that ensures audience connection, enlightenment, retention, and a call to action.

Attendees return to the office with actionable information and motivation that can be implemented immediately as well as information that will enhance decision making and self improvement.

  • Yield: Elevate Your Return on Employee (RoEm™)
  • WordsWork - a pictorial guide to effective communication.
  • Recruit Your Employees Every Day
  • Employee profiles: What you don’t know is holding you hostage.
  • What’s wrong with you? Fixing a problem isn’t a matter of fixing your employees
  • The HR Strategy Myth; will it grow your company?
  • The “Fire Fast – Hire Slow”anti lawsuit formula.
  • How do you put the right people on the right bus when you only drive a VW?
  • The World’s Best Meeting – can you run it?

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