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The Conference on Employee Performance Strategy

This conference provided decision makers with the tools and techniques for employee performance strategy development and business plan implementation.

Thursday, October 20, Normandale Community College (Bloomington)
Friday, October 21, Century College (Maplewood)

Strategy Block (All Attendees)
Recommended for senior management (CEO/Owner/GM) and HR professionals/consultants/trainers.

Tactics and Process Block (COO, HR Mgmt. Attendees)
Recommended for professionals accountable for HR decisions and execution



Developing People Strategy – Why Now?
Presented by Rick Speckmann,
CEO EmPerform

The topic is prevalent throughout the business journals and the major academia
is feverishly developing content. Is HR finally stepping into the spotlight?
What is the substance of the movement and where is it heading? Rick will
provide some answers and set the stage for the other presenters.


A Financial Expert’s Perspective: Can performance outpace rising employee costs.
Presented by Dick Kruse CPA, Chfc

What will be the impact of employee benefits in the coming years?
How much can the company absorb and how much are the employees willing
to forego, and at what price. Mr. Kruse will provide the considerations you should
be factoring into your business planning and people performance strategies.

The Way We Work

A profit driven CEO and his street savvy HR manager will share their process
and weekly routine for developing and executing employee strategy.
Expect candor, humor and some great examples of robust dialog.

20 Steps to Competency
as the HR Strategist
Phil Schechter, SPHR

Implement these steps and you will position
yourself as a valuable contributor to company
strategy. If you want to be a “player” you
need to take the steps that gain respect and
engagement from senior management.

Take Control of Your CEO!

Witness a live “engagement dialog” between
a feisty CEO and a “strategy driven” HR
professional. This segment is filled with tips
and techniques that will help you gain a
position of influence and credibility with the
company’s lead decision makers.

Lunch & Keynote
Carrots for Non-sales Employees

The right way to stimulate employee performance.

Rick Wallach – Mr.Wallach is a national
expert on designing and implementing
compelling employee initiative programs for
small and large company environments.



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