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A Catalyst to Elevate Employee Productivity
Our state-of-the-art assessments provide managers and business owners with objective, validated, reliable information about current and potential new hires employees and positional candidates. This immediate information provides alignment of employee’s individual abilities, behavioral traits and occupational interests with the company’s performance requirements and behavior expectations, necessary to attain business goals.

All assessments provide specific measurements for determination of ability, expected behavior, occupational interests and fit to the job requirements and company culture.

When correctly used with job applicants, in job role clarification and assessment of current manager competencies, these tools dramatically improve hiring, promotion, and training/development decisions.

Combined with your company management expertise, these tools significantly improve current employee performance, management effectiveness, team harmony and alignment, job fit, employee/manager fit and ultimately lead to increased company growth and profit.

Sampling of assessment* offerings:

Sales Indicator*
Organizational Management Analysis
WordsWork Communicator
StepOne Survey*
Customer Service Perspective*
Performance Indicator
Team Analysis
Personality Factor Profile
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*EEOC and DOL-compliant for pre-employment selection.

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